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What a pity that Paine's film prefers Hollywood hyperbole and conspiracy theory to explaining the chemistry and physics of different means of propulsion.Emotional feelings shouldn't substitute for engineering fact.

At least two of the electric car's supporters are close to tears about its demise.

Something is said of acceleration, but very little is said about speed, and nothing about vehicle weight or family size. The average daily journey of Americans by car may be modest, but holidays and other trips demand a long range, just as coping for relatives demands more than a two-seater.

And however one's sensibilities might be offended by the Hummer, the fact is that the engine inside it will be way more efficient than an electric vehicle for a lot of years to come.

The USSR, closed and tightly controlled, was the stuff of Western leftist fantasies (or, if you prefer, useful lies).

Remember the old leftist spin about the USSR being a “workers’ paradise? The USSR was the land of a bright industrial and technological future.

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