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For less serious charges, it may be possible to have your case diverted and handled by a Community Justice Committee.You can avoid having a permanent criminal record, but you will have to accept responsibility for your actions by pleading guilty.If you do not go to court, the judge can have you arrested again.Before going to court, you should meet with your lawyer. Your lawyer will look at the evidence and give you advice on how similar cases worked out.Your probation officer can help you make a plan to help you follow the judge's orders.

If you and your lawyer decided that you should plead guilty, the court will arrange a so that the judge can sentence you.

The trial date was the main issue taken up before Judge Rex Burlison. One of Greitens' attorney's, Jim Bennett, argued that the governor has a right to a speedy trial.

The First Assistant Circuit Attorney Robert Steele countered arguing that the prosecution needed more time for further investigation. Louis Circuit Attorney Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner wanted a November trial date.

Greitens was indicted last week on a felony charge of invasion of privacy.

He's accused of taking a non-consensual photo of a woman he was having an affair with back in 2015 then transmitting the nude or partially nude photo of the woman in a way that allowed computer access to it.

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