Dating catholic vs seventh day adventist

For example, in Daniel 8, a large horn grows upon the goat's head, and that horn is understood by all to be Alexandar the Great, ruler of the Greek (goat) empire.The Bible clearly says the ten are "kings" and not "kingdoms".So the Roman Church fits neither the time, the place, nor the visual representation of the vision of Daniel 7.(For further study, see Dirk Anderson's book, National Sunday Law: Fact of Fiction) 2. - Much of Adventist prophetic teaching is built upon the idea that the Catholic Church is the "little horn" that appeared upon the fourth beast of Daniel 7 and changed "times" and "laws".What sets these two groups apart is that one group, the true loyal remnant, keeps Saturday as a holy day, and the other group, the fallen and apostate, keeps Sunday as a holy day: "One class will advocate a gospel of human devisings and will worship the beast and his image... At the end of time, those who keep Sunday as a holy day will seek to destroy those who keep Saturday as a holy day.

In addition, there were at least twenty tribes involved in the overthrow of the Roman Empire, so the idea of the ten horns being ten tribes does not even come close to matching the historical reality of the situation.

Seventh-day Adventists teach that the near the end of time the "mark of the best" of Revelation 14 will be placed upon those who worship on Sunday instead of Saturday. Adventists identify the union of Roman Catholicism with civil power as the "beast" of Revelation: "The beast described in Revelation 13:1-10 is the church-state union that dominated the Christian world for many centuries and was described by Paul as the 'man of sin' (2 Thess. The Catholic Church, in the Dark Ages, changed the day of worship from Saturday to Sunday, a pagan day of worship. At the end of time, a conflict will arise between those who worship the beast and his image and those who are the true followers of God.

The image of the beast represents that form of apostate religion that will be developed when churches having lost the true spirit of the Reformation, shall unite with the state to enforce their teachings on others." 2.

These laws, prophesied by church prophetess Ellen White, are known to Adventists as the National Sunday Law or Universal Sunday Law: These laws will force all to choose which leader they will follow: the beast or God. Jesus will return to put an end to the conflict, and those who kept Saturday as a holy day will "stand together with the Lamb on Mount Zion" while the Sunday-keepers will "receive the full wrath of God and die". Is the Catholic Church the "bad guy" in Bible prophecy?

Much of Seventh-day Adventist end-time prophecy revolves around making Catholicism out to be the great and evil persecuting power of Bible prophecy described in Daniel 7.

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