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You’ll have your favourite and they’ll have theirs, and that could be you.The wide selection of grannies at 121 Girls is why our granny phone sex lines are the most popular.It's hard to find one with the right saying so I always get mine of my mum loves the photos I upload of my DD and I can personalise it to say anything.Welcome to the best granny phone sex line in the UK.I prefer nanny and grandad, it always easy to find christmas and birthday careds for those names. Good point, in the North-East, you do find a lot of 'Nana' or 'Grandma' cards in local newsagents but few Nan.My inlaws prefer to be called grandma and grandpa and I can never find cards with those names on always hard to find. (And also just to refer to another thread - loads of Mam cards.) I always get the kids to make their own cards, it keeps them busy and the name is right!Each granny has their own little quirks and sexual fantasies, so pick the one that will be able to pleasure you the most.Give our granny phone sex line a call or text now for pleasure like you’ve never experienced before.

My DS calls my parents Nanna & Ady (His name is Andy and my mum always shouts him by name) and DH's dad is just Grandad but he is not 3 yet so this may change as he gets older.

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