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The mirror couldn’t hang from the wall so they secured it top and bottom.However since the walls sloped upwards, you had to crane your neck upwards to avoid cutting your throat.At the risk of becoming repetitive, Strava indicated that I am the fourth fastest cyclist ever to travel between the Twin Arrows and Winona; long may it be so.Spotted today: a pharmacist advertising: ‘Flu Jabs Every Day’, but why would anyone want a flu jab every day?144.20 km (3,336.00 km) – 510.00 metres of climb https:// Sorry about the delay in posting Saturday’s edition of the blog but the internet at the Wigwam motel was wasn’t up to sending any photos – perhaps they expected us to do it by smoke signal – and I didn’t see the point of just sending the text only.

There are two scenes which feature in today’s itinerary.

Today was a strange day in that out of 78 orthodox miles (i.e.

without a diversion, of which more later), round 42 miles were spent pounding the hard shoulder of the interstate.

Not as impressive as his predecessors (they are called Muffler Men, as they were originally used to advertise garages, a muffler being a silencer), he was nevertheless worth a photo as we hadn’t encountered his kind since Illinois: We passed this sign which confirmed that we had reached the highest point of Route 66 (despite having deluded ourselves that the Continental Divide represented this point three days ago): This being Arizona, our day would not have been complete without a stretch on the interstate, where we acted as Good Samaritans to another cyclist with a puncture. We were otherwise able to avoid complete boredom by taking a side-route which passed us for the first time through (Ponderosa) pine forest, free of all brashings and brambles (wistful sigh): This increased the pleasure of the afternoon’s cycling considerably but the cloud surrounding this silver lining was the state of the road which deteriorated to little more than a forest track.

It was like riding a pneumatic drill: We arrived in Williams which had roads of similar quality as main streets.

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