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“But I can only give one rose out, and so I’m going to give it to Will. It was very open, and you were very vulnerable.” Finally, the time came for Kenny and Lee to go head-to-head one last time.

The two hopped into a helicopter with Rachel, which, as per two-on-one franchise tradition, dropped them off in the middle of absolutely nowhere.

The poor guy was somehow completely unaware that it was going terribly and kept banging on about how great their “connection” was, even though Rachel could not have looked more uncomfortable. She was even worse at hiding her complete and utter disinterest than Nick Viall was.

Anyway, Rachel ended up skipping the cocktail party and going straight into the rose ceremony.

Darwinian evolution was (and still is) inherently a racist philosophy, teaching that different groups or “races” of people evolved at different times and rates, so some groups are more like their ape-like ancestors than others.

The Australian Aborigines, for instance, were considered the missing links between the ape-like ancestor and the rest of mankind.1 This resulted in terrible prejudices and injustices towards the Australian Aborigines.2 The leading evolutionary spokesperson, Stephen Jay Gould, stated that “Biological arguments for racism may have been common before 1859, but they increased by orders of magnitude following the acceptance of evolutionary theory.”3 Racist attitudes fueled by evolutionary thinking were largely responsible for an African pygmy being displayed, along with an orangutan, in a cage in the Bronx zoo.4 As a result of Darwinian evolution, many people started thinking in terms of the different people groups around the world representing different “races,” but within the context of evolutionary philosophy.

For the group date, the guys were put to the test with a grueling game of handball — in skintight unitards, no less.The first person to score a date was Bryan, who took home the First Impression Rose week one and has slowly but surely been climbing his way to the very top of the competition.But Rachel’s decision to give Bryan the one-on-one didn’t go unnoticed back at the house — in fact, it sparked further discussions about race, with Eric pointing out that of the five one-on-one dates thus far, only one had gone to a black guy: Anthony.But does the Word of God really condemn such mixes as those above?Is there ultimately any such thing as “inter-racial marriage”?

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    In the Old Testament God didn’t want His people marrying people of the other nations not because of race, but because they would lead His people astray. Then the Lord’s anger will burn against you, and He will swiftly destroy you.

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    Comparative discussion of volcanism, tectonics, surface processes, and thermal evolution. Prerequisite: either ESS 101, ESS 105, ESS 210, ESS 211.

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