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BANTAM: Nankin, Polish (Chamois, Cuckoo creole, White crested black).

Phone: 07516039263 Ducks mandarin(normal,blonde,silver,black). Carolina (normal,blonde,silver) ringed teal(normal,orange,blue). Puna,versicolor ,cinnamon,wigeon,shelduck,gadwall, Whitefaced whistlers,red billed ,fulvous,pintail Geese Emperor,red breasted, Barrhead,barnacle,grey lag,lesser whitefront,cape barren,cackling Canada Peafowl (blue,pied,green,white,dark shouldered) Quail (gambles, Californian, Bob white,snowflake,blue scaled,mountain) Partridge (red leg,white,chukar,grey leg) Ornamental pheasants (Elliott's,humes,mikado,reeves,satyr, Temmincks,cheer,grey peacock,eared,southern green, Fireback,sonnerats,silver, Edwards,swinhoe,golden,lady Amherst, Mongolian,black neck, Bianchi,ghost,white,melanistic)Location: Kilkenny Phone: 087 7749277 Silver Laced Wyandotte hens and fertile eggs for sale now.

Requests for eggs are limited as I dont keep a large breeding stock.

Tyrone Phone: 07902343161 LARGEFOWL: Rhode island red, Light Sussex , Vorwerk, Lakenvelder, Black Minorca .

I have Blond hair but not like your normal dumb blond and actually I really am a senior nurse and there is nothing more that I enjoy more than doing a bit of Irish phone sex.

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Buff Orpington eggs and buff x blue splash orpington eggs for sale, available from late February.

According to a recent poll, Irish men have been declared the sexiest men in the world.

With the likes of Pierce Brosnan and Colin Farrell as national exports, this will come as little surprise to most.

This is non-negotiable and there is no exception to the rule.

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