Sex with ball

Very simple, but effective in creating a wild riding experience. Simply inflate the ball, attach the realistic Vac-U-Lock dong, available in 6 or 8 inch, and mount either anally or vaginally.Being penetrated by this device and forced to ride is a hot scenario for many.

The Sex Ball is covered in soft flocked vinyl, and the two handles allow you to get closer and deeper than ever before.Plus, it will throw you some surprise thrusts that will hit you deep, in a very good way. Facing him, prop your bum on the top of the ball, bending your knees with your feet on the couch. Get the feeling of weightless oral by holding onto your partner, leaning back on the ball and opening your legs.He rolls the ball to pull you in deeper, which feels super intimate. Let your head hang back, go limp, and let him hold onto you while he goes down on you.It they are used properly, they will make the tiny nerve endings in the cavities go crazy.It can be a wonderful experience when they are first inserted and even better when the little sex balls on a string are pulled out.

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