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Reubens was even a guest of honor at Manganiello’s 2015 wedding to Sofia Vergara.“He was the big hit of the wedding,” Manganiello says.“The whole weekend, people kept coming up to me telling me how much they loved Paul. On the set, Manganiello had problems staying in character next to his hero ("You'd want to watch Pee-wee, but you had to work").[He] has a really great meter for what is inauthentic. To be able to make writing as easy as, 'I just have to write what I’ve experienced before.' It seems so simple, but it’s sort of astounding how often that doesn’t usually get factored into writing for [characters]. star and co-creator Paul Rust to find out what it’s like inside the mind of Judd Apatow, the trickeries of dating in LA, and how working with Paul Reubens (a.k.a. For singles newly tackling the dating scene in LA, expect awkward beginnings, joyous highs, and heart-breaking lows—all of which are magnified in hilarious and equally cringe-worthy scenes in the new Netflix show, , and the photographic proof he can produce about being the ultimate Pee-wee fan. PAUL RUST: My manager knew I was working on the new Pee-wee Herman movie that Judd was producing and Leslie had worked on the first two seasons on .My manager thought, 'The two of them are sort of in Judd’s camp, maybe they can pitch a movie based on their experiences.' Leslie and I outlined the idea for a movie and sent it to Judd.

Jack Nicholson asked Paul’s advice as to whether or not he should do (The two have been hanging out ever since.

It is a dream come true."Reubens, 62, created the character when he was a member of L.

A.'s The Groundlings improv group in the early '80s.

He's like family.”Reubens returns the compliment, saying he’s always amazed at how different the celebrity couple is from the public perception.“(Joe) and his wife together are the dorkiest, nerdiest people. Manganiello also had to refrain from talking in Pee-wee cadence after a lifetime of repeating all the best lines.

But he loved it.“I’m just happy to be a part of this," Manganiello says.

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