Advice for white girl dating asian guy

Statistically, Asian men rank lowest compared to other men when it comes to receiving matches and messages from women on dating sites.

While there are different theories for the reasoning, the clients I work with all agree with the premise of not being able to fit the hyper-masculine culture perpetuated by Western society.

There’s this guilt that showing your sexual interest towards women is a bad thing.

What ends up happening is that Asian men date within their social circles or go online where it’s safer to meet women.

On the flip side of this equation are Asian women who rank highest in terms of desirability.

Once again, age-old stereotypes of Asian women as being submissive, docile, and sexually exotic play a role.

And now with the proliferation of online dating apps and websites, it can be even more daunting.

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The researchers, after controlling for all other attributes (height, weight, attractiveness, etc.), calculated how much extra income (relative to the income of the average online male dater, ,500) a man would need to overcome the racial barrier. As an Asian male, you can get a white girl by making 7,000 more than a white male.

Here are some of the estimates (there weren’t enough data to do all the interracial permutations) of how much each extra income a man would need to be equally appealing to a woman as would a man of her own race: For equal success with a white woman, an African-American needs to earn an additional 4,000; a Hispanic man needs ,000; an Asian needs 7,000. This can be done by becoming a big-shot lawyer, doctor, or banker, but you probably won’t start pulling white women until age 30 or later.

In fact, any man who isn’t proactive about dating would have a hard time attracting women.

Your race has less to do with attracting white women than what person you choose to be.

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