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Although I have tried many off the beaten path places having lived right downtown twice since 2006, I knew I was missing some.I had hopes that this tour would fill my hunger for something new to crave close to home.Chef and food writer James Beard could not have said truer words than this quote, “Food is our common ground, a universal experience”.For the inaugural Belize Food Tours, it definitely rang true.Thanks to Wendy for coming in specially to tell us about and share tasters of all the great products.Those that were doing shooters got to taste the difference between the one Barrel, the 3 Barrel and 5 Barrel which is a 5 year aged sipping rum.This dyslexic girl decided to practice her math and figured a 3 hour tour meant everything would be fairly close and we would have roughly 15 minutes at each place with approximately 7.5 minutes walking time in between.

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A few steps north and we found ourselves at well known Traveler’s Liquors were on the menu for a mid morning rum and local wine tasting.

A funny story that Fel told the group while they were sampling cashew wine was a person got more bang for their buck with this spirit.

According to local legend legend the ‘value’ to cashew wine is you get high the night you drink it and and the next day while you are out working in the hot sun it ferments inside and you get a double high.

He also mentioned Elvi’s sauces are great and he gave a big up to their pepper.

I was jazzed up when Fel said they were serving us my namesake food.:) – “Tacos and more tacos!

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