Dating rich older women

It comes off as inappropriate when a grown woman squeezes herself in a dress that is tight in all the wrong places,” says Gideon, adding that poor taste of clad despite being rich is a put off to him and his kind.“Unlike male ‘sponsors’, who get away with looking bad and dressing inappropriately, cougars have to look the part.But just because these women are bolder and care less what society says about them doesn’t mean the feeling is always mutual to the younger men.There is a way these young men want to be wooed, or so it seems.There is a good reason why even younger women avoid taking photos with their ‘sponsors’.These are strange relationships in which one of the partners is always embarrassed about,” says Ominde.

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Cash buys older women forbidden freedom “Rich, older women who have been watching this happen now seem not to have qualms with taking advantage of this state of affairs, just like their male counterparts,” says Liru, adding that these women seem to have quickly discovered that money buys forbidden freedom and are exploiting it with reckless abandon.These ladies have learnt the tricks from the best; their male counterparts.What they are, however, yet to master are the tricks and ways to lure younger men,” says Jackson Liru, 24-year-old student, who, however, claims is not into cross-generational dating.“You know, the public will excuse a young lady stroking a seedy old man’s belly, but go crazy when a young man is spotted fondling an older woman.Thus, relationships between older women, whom society still expects to uphold very high moral standards, are only successful when are handled with some high level of discretion,” says Philip*, who once dated a woman older than him.

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