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But removing them can place them at risk in Australia's child protection system, and can lead to long-term psychological damage to the child and other family members.You are asked to visit Amanda and her toddler Jakob by a childcare worker, who has concerns that Jakob is not meeting his developmental milestones.Bree is from Western Australia and her mother is her only family member in Adelaide.Just after Abby was born, the local police arrested Bree's partner James after an argument with Bree where he damaged a car and cut up her clothes.

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She also said that it was important for Abby to form a secure attachment with a carer before the critical window of attachment closed at around nine months of age.She admits that at times she is on a "particular high" and plays with Jakob and buys him presents and other times she "can be off in her own little world and forget Jakob is there". She also struggles to manage his behaviour and has sometimes lost control and smacked him harder than she meant to.Amanda experienced neglect and abuse in her own childhood, living with a mother addicted to drugs.Bree returned two days after leaving Abby with her grandmother, having been using methamphetamine with an older man who was known to police as a domestic violence perpetrator.Bree initially agreed to regular drug screens and to work with family services, but she soon returned a positive drug test and the decision was made to remove Abby from her care.

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