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I think the film will do well when it’s commercially released, if there’s anyone left in the mainstream audience for rom-coms that don’t insult the intelligence.She's expecting her second child with actor Bobby Cannavale 'any minute now'.Speaking on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Bobby said: 'We’re just really, really over the moon.We’re in bliss right now.'The actor also raises son Jake, 22, from his previous marriage to actress and screenwriter Jenny Lumet, 50, from 1994 to 2003.rom-com should be but no longer is — literate, unpredictable, full of bustling tangents. People have to come to Sundance to see what audiences used to get from studios in the pre-“franchise” days.The movie is based on a Nick Hornby novel that funnels a lot of Hornby’s fanboy impulses (including his self-loathing, paranoid ones) into a single breezy vehicle.Hornby’s novel has an ambiguous and — to my mind — annoyingly unsatisfying ending.

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“By coming at women and others with that question and comment, it’s really the new ”You wore a short skirt so you deserved it.’ ”Rosewood Lane The actress addressed another frequent criticism lobbed against her: That she once worked with director Victor Salva, a convicted pedophile.She keeps her feelings about Tucker Crowe to herself until a package arrives with a never-before-heard version of what Duncan considers Crowe’s heartbreaking masterpiece, , it features the same songs, only slower and without orchestrations. Annie thinks it’s wank and says so on Duncan’s website.“Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, however un-nuanced,” Duncan tells her.(I should use that line when people disagree with me.) But one person thinks Annie called it right and sends her a private message: Tucker Crowe.It’s an irresistible premise: an increasingly intimate intercontinental relationship between a super-fan’s girlfriend and his idol — right under the asshole’s nose. Thereafter, director Jesse Peretz jumps back and forth between England and the U.

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