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Everyone believes that Lucas Steiner has fled France, but he is, in fact, hiding in the basement of the theater.

The 8th edition of My French Film Festival has just ended.

Fortunately, Jamie tells Claire that he's already forgiven her for this and anything else she might do in the future (what a guy), and we're treated to yet another devastating flashback to Claire's stillbirth — this time featuring her holding Faith.

All in all, a pretty rough episode — and by the way, if you're wondering how Scotland's hunkiest hero feels about his wife sleeping with the king, he gallantly brushed it off. Tell Us: Do you think Claire and Jamie's relationship will get back on track now that they're heading back to Scotland?

Nas is determined to make a name for himself, and Le Prestige might just be the stepping stone he's looking for.(C'est arrivé près de chez vous)1992 | 1 h 32 min Directed by: Benoît Poelvoorde, Rémy Belvaux, André Bonzel A mockumentary in which a camera crew follows Ben, a serial killer who has a particular liking for elderly and middle-class victims.

But the filmmakers find themselves increasingly caught up in Ben’s crimes.(Victoria)2016 | 1 h 37 min Directed by: Justine Triet Victoria Spick, a criminal defense attorney on the verge of an emotional breakdown goes to a wedding where she runs into her old friend Vincent and Sam, a one-time dealer she had successfully represented.

Thomas When his twin brother dies, 50-year-old Willy leaves his parents' home for the first time and moves to a neighboring village. Accompanied by two colleagues, she sets out on a perilous journey by car to the other side of the world.(Avant la fin de l'été)2017 | 1 h 20 min Directed by: Maryam Goormaghtigh After five years of study in Paris, Arash hasn't adapted to French life and decides to return home to Iran.

Hoping to change his mind, two friends drag him away on a final trip across France.(Noces)2016 | 1 h 38 min Directed by: Stephan Streker Zahira, an 18-year-old Belgian-Pakistani woman, is very close to everyone in her family, until the day when a traditional marriage is imposed on her.

In case you forgot, Claire's known around Paris as "La Dame Blanche," and the king puts her witchy-woman skills to the test by dragging her to a private chamber where Raymond and the Comte St. The thing is, Raymond slips some Fortunately, the king lets Raymond go (with the caveat that he never sets foot in France again), but won't let Jamie out of jail until Claire has awkward three-second-long sex with him, so yeah. But, hey, at least Claire and Jamie can move back to Scotland because the king agrees to extend Jamie's pardon to the English crown! Not Good First of all, post-jail Jamie has a massive beard (taking LOLs wherever we can get them at this point).With more than 10 million views registered, the festival has set a new record this year.And Paris Prestige by Hamé and Ékoué was awarded the Directors' Jury Prize.Along with New Zealand, Australia became the second country in the Asia-Pacific region to to make same-sex marriage legal.Malta (2017) Malta’s parliament almost unanimously voted to legalize same-sex marriage in July 2017, despite opposition from the Catholic Church on the small Mediterranean island.

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    Everyone believes that Lucas Steiner has fled France, but he is, in fact, hiding in the basement of the theater.

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