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Yet among the uncommitted, relatively few say they are in the market for relationships.Among all singles, just 16% say they are currently looking for a romantic partner. Some 55% of singles report no active interest in seeking a romantic partner.Cyflogon mewnol yn unig - mae angen i ymgeiswyr ar gyfer swyddi dros dro ar sail secondiad o'u swydd bresennol gael cymeradwyaeth eu rheolwr yn ysgrifenedig cyn gwneud cais.

Gallwch wneud cais am nifer o'n swyddi ar-lein erbyn hyn, a chyflwyno'ch cais drwy e-bost.In which case you are thanked for the interest you have shown in applying for a position within the Council. Should you wish to apply for an advertised vacancy the submission of a completed Vale of Glamorgan Council job application form is necessary.Internal employees only - applicants for temporary positions on the basis of a secondment from their current position must obtain their manager's approval in writing prior to application.While a sizable segment of the population is single, about a quarter of unmarried Americans (26% or about 23 million adults) say they are in committed romantic relationships.Single men are more likely than single women to report being so situated.

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