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He said, “it’s a million dollar adventure built just for you.” It’s a great game, where you are stripped of everything and there is a million dollar prize at the end, with no real rules.

As for what team Jeff would be on if he played this season; the brains, the brawns or the beauties, Jeff said he would put himself on the brain team if he could.

Before tribal council, the only thing that Jeff knows is who has an idol, who is the person who may go home and if anything big is happening – like a fire or if a tribe has lost their food.-3Total score: -2 have been the show's first (and only) two-time winner? But her play this season was masterful, particularly considering she was a very early target for elimination.She figured out the exact right way to play Russell Hantz, not merely using him as a shield, but playing on his control-freak tendencies and actually stringing him along. 5 Other memorable characters ( 1 each): Despite the overuse of certain returnees, this ended up being a remarkably well-cast season.Boston Rob was suddenly thrust into the role of old-timer (and quasi-underdog), while Coach and Jerri operated almost like high-school outcasts.Sandra and Courtney formed a kind of axis of bitch, fist-pounding their way through tribal councils. The heroes tribe was less easy to root for, especially after dispatching Cirie early, but it was incredibly fun to watch JT walk willingly into the trap of giving up his immunity idol to poor Russell, stranded on a tribe of womenfolk.

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