Colbie callait dating

And then we're going to go surfing and he almost hits me over the head with the surfboard.

And he also has this really funny fantasy dream where he's dressed all "Guido" in white shoes and his chest is showing and I'm in this ridiculous bathing suit with huge hair and we're dancing at a DJ party on the beach. Your father, Ken Caillat, coproduced the seminal Fleetwood Mac albums Rumours and Tusk.

Through a breezy song called 'Bubbly' and a nationwide publicity on My Space, Colbie invited millions of curious people to visit her page just to listen how good she sounds.

Apparently, her music doesn't simply create a buzz but won the heart of those who have listened to it.

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[Verse 1] I found a way to be everything I've dreamed of And i know it's in me That i will become Who i want to be And i finally found it and i'm taking the long way out Cause it's gonna be, something special to me Something special to me [Chorus] Days go by And i grow stronger It takes time, but i'll never let go Days go by and i'll try harder to make it mine, i know...And I've been open to different instruments and production styles, so I think it's a little bit more grown-up and a little bit more sophisticated.Are there any songs in particular that you think will take off the way "Bubbly" did?[Pre-Chorus] But i can't spell it out for you No, it's never gonna be that simple No, i can't spell it out for you [Chorus] If you just realize what i just realized Then we'd be perfect for each other And we'll never find another Just realize what i just realized We'd never have to wonder if We missed out on each other but...Young, talented and very much desirable, Colbie Caillat is inarguably a fresh singer ready to give music industry the re-shake up it's been dying for.

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