Grade dating tips

“Kids at this age may be starting their first jobs, and they have busy social calendars,” Burnette says.“It’s a lot to manage.” Some students arrive in high school with an unrealistic image portrayed on television.

“It’s easier to help a child when their struggle is small.” Some 9th graders can study independently, but others still need to work at the kitchen table with a parent close by.

While students figure out their place in high school, parents have to find their place, as well.

Parents tend to visit school less as their kids get older, but parents are needed even more, says Susanne Livingston, a longtime counselor at Eagle’s Landing High School in Mc Donough, Ga. “Go to every meeting that’s announced, every open house.

Stay in contact with the teachers and work with the teachers.” Parents who ask their 9th grader what’s going on in school will probably get some variation of this response: “I have it covered.” This response, Livingston says, is often a signal that parents need to be involved.

They need to know who their child’s friends are, who the friends’ parents are, and where their child is going.

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