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Their career was played out in a time when men made both the films and the rules, but Mary remembers it all with fondness, saying “it was great while it lasted”. I want to believe that one day we will be together again.

Their absence from the spotlight in later years only fuelled fan fascination, and when they finally made public appearances again recently, signing autographs to raise money for the charity , it brought their story full circle and allowed Madeline, a great animal-lover, to use her past for a worthy cause. In tribute to her sister, Mary said, “it’s not normal for me not to be a twin.

The family’s financial situation was desperate, and so, just shy of 17, Mary headed for London “with only an agency contact address and no idea what I was doing”. It was inevitable that the striking, mischievous-looking pair would get work in no time at all, firstly as extras slyly looking on in the recently reappraised groupie drama (1970) for the soft-core czar Harrison Marks (the man who coined the term “glamour photography”).

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Being interviewed in the United States by Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show did them no harm at all, and neither did the treasurable copy they gave the press: “if I fall for a man, then so does Madeleine.

If she askes you to light her cigarette for her This means nothing and is a little bit rude. It does have to potential to be a come-on but who wants to date a girl like that?

If she asks if she can sit beside you Guys often mistake this as a come-on but it all really depends on what happens after she sits down. offers to buy you a drink I would never, ever buy a drink for a random guy unless I had seen something about him that I really liked. chats openly about sex in front of you If she’s saying things that are very sexy, then it usually means that she’s after something, but don’t get this confused with flirting and friendliness or it may end in tears.

They spent years trying to trace him, but recently his children tracked them down independently and they discovered a new extended family in Australia.

Although educated separately, Madeleine at a convent school, the twins performed together from an early age.

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