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necklace (link not yet available) / blanket coat (I adore this! And then the guy that 90 seconds ago declared that he wanted to kiss her for the next 60 years is all, “That’s cool. I would say that nothing has ever been more awkward, but let’s recall Kentucky Joe’s goodbye. But I’m going to tell you what they are because I feel I can do so in a kinder and gentler way than you would find if you googled it. They are about to go back to their respective states, but they are both hopeful that they are going to be able to continue the relationship.) / knee high boots / fringe bag Kaitlyn and Peter meet in a park, hop in a canoe and take a little jaunt over to a private island. Gosling (although I’ve had several readers point out to met that he looks more like Alf! For the record, I don’t know how somebody can simultaneously look like Ryan Gosling AND Alf, but Shawn does. I love you Kaitlyn, and there’s no denying that.” She looks at him for like the next 45 minutes (I don’t even think I’m exaggerating) without saying anything and then she finally says “I’m taking in what you’re saying.” #uhohjoe She tells him that she doesn’t think they are on the same page right now. Gosling finally speaks, and when he does, he says “Do you regret it? If you watched the show last night, Nick explained it and I JUST ABOUT DIED. Does anybody else get the feeling that they shot their entire relationship over like a 2 hour period?Gyllenhaal's first films—her feature film debut at the age of 15, Waterland (1992); A Dangerous Woman (1993); and Homegrown (1998)—were directed by her father; the last two also featured her brother; they had supporting roles as children.Although impressed with the script, she initially had some qualms about doing the film, which she believed could deliver an anti-feminist message.

#ofcourseshehas And then Harrison loads them all up in what looks like a hayride to get them to the ceremony. He escorts Kaitlyn and her disco ball dress down the hall. He immediately gets a little teary, says good-bye to all of the guys, and then walks out with his head held high and all the class and charm in the world.

Gyllenhaal's next film role was in the 2005 comedy-drama Happy Endings, in which she played an adventuress singer who seduces a young gay musician (Jason Ritter) as well as his rich father (Tom Arnold).

She recorded songs for the movie's soundtrack, Following Happy Endings, she starred in the 2006 films Trust the Man, Stranger than Fiction, Monster House, World Trade Center, and Sherrybaby.

She also received recognition for starring as Rachel Dawes in the superhero film The Dark Knight (2008).

For her performance in the musical-drama Crazy Heart (2009), she was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

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