Dating age laws in connecticut

The fact that the offender was less than four years older than the victim at the time of the act is an affirmative defense.

(1) Six to 18 months in prison, (2) if the actor is less that four years older than the victim, a $ 1,000 fine, or (3) if the actor is 10 or more years older than the victim, one to five years in prison.

But during those drafts, they changed the age in which a person could be drafted, effectively changing the age of majority.

I guess you could say that because of the war, parents wanted their kids to be kids longer.

For example, California, Maryland, Missouri, Nevada, and New York reserve their harshest statutory rape penalty for offenders who are age 21 or older.

(1) If the minor is under age 15, five years in prison; (2) if the offender is at least age 18 or is tried as an adult and the minor was age 12 or younger, life in prison and the offender is ineligible for release until serving 35 years; (3) if the offender is at least 18 or tried as an adult and the victim is age 12, 13, or 14, the presumptive sentence is 20 years; or (4) if the minor is at least age 15, it is punishable by one year in prison Sexual assault to knowingly inflicts sexual intrusion or sexual penetration on a victim (1) under age 15 if the actor is at least four years older or (2) at least 15 years old but less than 17 years old and the actor is at least 10 years older.

Before the drafts and aftermaths of WWII, girls were married as young as 12-14.

And in no way do I mean the extreme, usually they married with someone under 18, I'm not saying that it was alright for creepy 25-yr old men to trail prepubescent children.

The age of consent varies by state, with most states, including Connecticut, setting it at age 16.

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