Dating nippon

There are a total of 359 back stamps known to date. While these lesser companies produced fine wares on occasion, it is generally felt that the best examples of Nippon-era hand painted porcelain will carry a back stamp used by the Noritake Company during the Nippon era.

Joan Van Patten has collected a vast number of Nippon back stamps in her book entitled Van Patten's ABC's of Collecting Nippon Porcelain, published in 2005. The exception to this is Coralene which to the best of our knowledge was never produced by the Noritake Company.

Moriage is highly textural and a time consuming process of ceramic decoration.

Nippon artists also enhanced their pieces by putting a pieces of textile onto the wet porcelains before it is fired in the kiln.

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Identifying pottery marks and spotting a fake is not easy as many Japanese ceramic artists were trained to imitate the work of European mainstays like Limoges, R. For instance, Nippon porcelains were decorated with flowers, images of animals, and applied ornamental designs like coralene and moriage ware.

If it is marked "Japan", then your piece was made and imported after 1921.

The mark may tell you where your piece was made and if you know the history of understanding pottery marks, then the mark can help you date your piece too.

However, the mark is not the only clue to assessing value of your Nippon piece. There are so many pieces of Nippon out there that value varies widely.

Some undecorated pieces of Nippon are only worth a few dollars.

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