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The bottom line with women like this is it really would be a great idea for them to get over their fear of social situations.Under that outer veneer of shyness may be a truly amazing, feminine woman of character who is just dying to go out and have some fun.The key to identifying this kind of shyness is consistency.That is, both her personality and every other social appearance indicate she’s not only shy around you, but she’s also shy around most everyone.That social confidence has to be built up in order for her to truly shine in those respects.The extent to which you can believe in her and lead her in that direction of being an even better woman is the extent to which both of you can enjoy the ultimate payoff.

It’s just they do eventually dive into the pool after sticking their toe in the water for a bit. Hang in there for a couple of dates and make the extra effort to make her feel safe and comfortable in your presence, which you should be habitually doing anyway.

The answer to that apparent quandary is you were not as intimidated by how she presented herself initially as you may have been.

Therefore, you win (and so does she, for that matter).

Is she woman enough for you to make that effort for her?

Only you can decide that, but if you do and you succeed, you have to believe she’ll absolutely adore you for it.

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