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Quite soon Norman took over the majority of the framebuilding, Jack did the painting and Ken did the assembly work on the complete machines.

The curved seat tube short wheelbase model was made in quite small quantities and curiously enough is not common in a track version.

He developed a range of fancy lug frames for Condors and also built lugless frames and ones with standard lugs. I rate Bill Hurlow as probably one of the top two or three of the post-war British builders – his work is truly beautiful and accurate.

He made a name for himself outside of the cycling world as well as within it and is the only framebuilder I know who has been recognised with an obituary in the British .

A problem with all frames measured ctt is that the top measuring point varies from maker to maker and I try and second guess where the maker intended his measurement to be to – some mean top of top top tube, others the very top of the seat lug, and others to the seat lug top line…

Do not assume that you will need a frame sized the same as your modern one – either seat tube or top tube.

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I measure all British, American and Japanese frames in inches ctt (centre to top) and convert to the nearest cm, conversely I measure all European and Italian frames in centimetres ctc (centre to centre) and convert to the nearest 0.25in.

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