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I would not be that concerned unless you are exposed to any significant degree which is unlikely unless it happens accidentally. (2) Send your own, unique question and get personalized doctor responses quickly from doctors in 141 specialties.(3) Video or text chat with a primary care doctor for advice, treatment, prescriptions, referrals, lab tests or a second opinion(4) Get personalized information and advise by securely and privately sharing data from Apple’s Health App and connected health devices.It would be my pleasure to refer people to your clinical facilities or otherwise, so that these platforms remain here forever, rather than quacks exploiting those in need.Little did I know that sexual health is an indicator of general health.As far as a forum for questions, there are chat rooms or interactive live web discussions for particular topics and exchange of ideas. Read more Your healthy kidneys will not be helped nor hurt by any medical spa treatment.

As well as being ready to answer your questions about any aspect of men's health you may have, Dr Jones will also be offering top tips on how to encourage your man to visit the doctor.

If this is what you are asking, please seek help as soon as possible or call 911. Read more Regardless of gender, physicians typically only talk about issues for which we have a solution, eg prescription or surgery.

After all, we don't want to open pandora's box by asking about something we can't fix.

Enjoy the spa, however, do not think it will have any effect on your kidneys. Read more Try Health Tap CONCIERGE, our virtual consultation premium service, and ask for an Ob-Gyn Concierge Specialist. That means getting engaged, getting married, settling down, with both having stable jobs that provide health insurance (babies have many doctor visits).

Then, decide on the timing of the baby, such as 1 year or 2 years after the wedding. Read more This is almost certainly sleep paralysis, a not uncommon event which, while frightening, is not serious.

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