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" Weatherly teased, when we asked if the fan theories could be true.But he added: "Whether or not it's in , I would say there's always the chance of [me reuniting with Cote]."She's one of my favourite people. Certainly, in terms of chemistry, I've never had anyone like that rattle my brain!It's Jimmy who first questions Tony about whether he's coming back to work now that he's a single dad and all, a question that's clearly weighing on Tony's mind when he goes to visit Gibbs in his garage at the end of the episode."I've never been anybody's everything before," he says, before telling Gibbs he's quitting the agency., or an on-screen reunion with Cote de Pablo."I absolutely see worlds where Di Nozzo and other characters could pop up [again]," he said."It is something I'm very keen to explore when the time is right." in 2013, with Weatherly following her out the door last year.Now he was finally back and, uh, we planned this -- this lovely dinner, but he never showed, Tony. I was just broken first, which is why I left my hero cop to marry a stockbroker who cared more about money than people. Your impression of a hot lady with crazy eyes is dead on, by the way. I waited in that restaurant, alone, for three hours. [sighs] When I saw him next, it was the following morning, and then he just said he got caught up with work. I wasn't ready to meet the one when we met, Tony, but I sent you that invitation because I am now.

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She also tells him that Ziva kept Tali's existence a secret because she didn't want to disrupt Tony's life any further.Three years later in September or October 2009, after NCIS saved her from being held prisoner in Somalia, Ziva subsequently chose to resign from Mossad for good and was eventually accepted as an NCIS Probationary Agent, beginning her career as an NCIS Agent.Two years later in September 2011, her tenure as a Probationary Agent came to an end and she was promoted to full-time NCIS Special Agent. It makes perfect sense that Tony Di Nozzo (Michael Weatherly) would leave the agency, thanks to the revelation that ... For those who are curious about the timing of it all, Tony later tells Mc Gee that he and Ziva had a "fond farewell" before she left the agency.: 14 things we'll miss about Tony Di Nozzo Anyway, Mossad Director Orli Elbaz (Marina Sirtis) brings Tali to the States to break the news to Tony, hours after he learns that Ziva was killed in the attack. (She's also adorable, and scratch-free, despite surviving a deadly bombing less than 24 hours earlier.) Guess we know the answer to the question that's plagued #Tiva 'shippers for years.

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