Dreamweaver 8 updating site

Moreover, Dreamweaver 8 adds a new toolbar that helps you to set differents styles deppending on the kind of media the pages is being visualizing (screen, printerm web TV, PDAs...) .Accessibility: Dreamweaver 8 incorporates an evaluation tool that supports the new WCAG/W3C Priority 2 checkpoints.It is very important to keep the file in the Templates folder where Dreamweaver creates it.To avoid confusion, it is good practice NOT to save other elements of your site (image source files or HTML documents) inside the Templates folder. When a file is applied to an existing page or created new from a template, the following code is inserted in the source: To view the HTML source code that Dreamweaver generates, choose Window HTML.This name cannot be repeated in Internet, has to be unique, as happens with the names of the companies.

Every time an HTML page is applied to a template, (File Apply template to page) it creates a site root-relative link to the file.

It's also necessary to consider that these companies must generate income in some way it is the reason why they are dedicated to sell advertising spaces within your Pages, ads that we'll not be able to avoid including in our web Pages.

For these reasons, it is not recommended to use a free hosting for a bussiness Page, although it is acceptable for a personal one.

Once you do the step above, a dialog box shown below will prompt you. NOTES: Never check both Library Items and Templates.

(If you do, Dreamweaver will update in the wrong order sometimes.) Always do ONE-AT-A-TIME, if you need to do both, Library Items and Templates If you update both, always make Templates the last one.

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