Who is casey dating on american idol

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Reality TV World: I know you have already said you and Haley aren't dating, but just to clarify, were you two ever dating? Also in the call, Abrams discussed the rest of his American Idol experience with reporters -- including how he knew he was going home as soon as Scotty Mc Creery was the only other finalist in danger of elimination, what he envisions his debut album and concert performances will be like, and whether Jennifer Lopez or Steven Tyler is a better kisser. Maybe I'll break down crying some other time, but right now, I feel really good about what happened last night and what's happening today. I also play the drums, the sitar, the accordion, the clarinet, the spaz, and I took lessons for about a month on the sitar but everything else was just kind of self taught.

There would be everything like my last two performances, "Harder to Breathe" and "Nature Boy," I think are a perfect -- it sums me up -- it's like, let's just rock this hard and have some fun and then let's slow it down and play some smooth jazz. Yeah, yeah -- probably more instruments than you'd expect -- bring some trombone, some gulfgamers, I don't know -- some random stuff, random sounding instruments. It's like -- because I used to not like singing in public -- and now, I feel like I'm singing a little bit too much. I just try to look at random people and try to get random strangers to feel my pain or my happiness. I feel like maybe when I'm on the stage and people are watching, I tend to do things nobody would expect. Casey Abrams: That, honestly, is hilarious and it is good advice.

Would it just be Casey then or a lot of special effects like pyrotechnics? Is Jennifer Lopez or Steven Tyler the better kisser? (Laughs) JLo just let me kiss her, but Steven Tyler actually kissed me back, so. Has appearing on raised your confidence in an aspects as a performer? I'll sing in hallways with random people I don't even know. If I were on a street corner, I'd want everyone walking by to look me in the eye and just feel the story that I was saying. So, I think people were going to expect that I was going to kiss JLo again, so I tried Steven Tyler and then I tried the whole audience. I listened back and I think, "I was growling just a little bit too much." I wasn't really paying attention.

I was like, "This would be kind of embarrassing if I just got cut the next week." So, I really tried to work hard. Casey Abrams: No, I was just saying goodbye to my very special musical friend. I was completely on "random mode." I didn't plan on ending up on Haley.

It just happened that way, so that wasn't really planned.

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