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In the You Tube clip, titled "Just Me In The House By Myself," Culkin, 35, plays the older, traumatized Mc Callister who has no issue with torturing a burglar.

He enters the video as the unstable husband of a driving app worker, who takes over his wife's post for the day. "I defended my house from two psychopath home invaders," he said.

Only Sons latest album is an expansive, diverse collection of songs; much like a late Beatles album, each song occupies its own space on the record and fleshes out a different side of his musical sensibilities.

“I wanted to let you know that Jack and I have been happily hanging out with our new little son and that all is going great!

That spawned his suburban metal head phase which gave way to a lengthy urban street kid period which began at the age of 14 upon hearing Fuck The Police on a friends stereo system in Queens.

One minute I was playing to my friends at the Sidewalk Cafe and the next I was playing to thousands of people in foreign landsin a mini-skirt and tiara, he laughs.Thank you for the tons of well wishes and good vibes- we wish them all right back at ya,” the Grammy-nominated singer wrote on Facebook.The singer and her husband of three years, Jack Dishel, are hoping to let their little guy stay out of the spotlight for the time being.He decided to lay Stipplicon to rest and re-invented himself once more as Only Son.His debut album, The Drop To The Top, saw him touring the world for two years opening for Regina Spektor and former bandmate Adam Green.

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