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He was selected to take command of the English campaign in Ireland in 1649–1650.

Cromwell's forces defeated the Confederate and Royalist coalition in Ireland and occupied the country, bringing to an end the Irish Confederate Wars.

Fraser concludes that it was likely that he did train at one of the London Inns of Court during this time. Elizabeth's father, Sir James Bourchier, was a London leather merchant who owned extensive lands in Essex and had strong connections with Puritan gentry families there.

Cromwell also led a campaign against the Scottish army between 16.

11–13), then to Oliver's father Robert Cromwell (c. Cromwell's paternal grandfather Sir Henry Williams was one of the two wealthiest landowners in Huntingdonshire.

Cromwell's father Robert was of modest means but still a part of the gentry class.

Henry suggested to Sir Richard Williams, who was the first to use a surname in his family, that he use Cromwell, in honour of his uncle Thomas Cromwell.

For several generations, the Williams super-added the surname of Cromwell to their own, styling themselves Williams alias Cromwell in legal documents (Noble 1784, pp. They had ten children, but Oliver, the fifth child, was the only boy to survive infancy.

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