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“When I first started showing people these photos, the reaction was unlike anything I’ve ever seen -- I mean, some of these photos turn people’s stomachs, some people couldn’t look at them, because people are so afraid of that kind of freedom,” he says.

“People can’t figure out how we did any of these shots.

“In most of my photos, I look like I’m actually falling -- it’s because I really am falling!

I’m not coordinated enough to flip off of something or do a position,” Eastwood laughs, admitting that she had to be persuaded to buy into each photo concept. I think the whole series is about how anything is possible; that’s really what it makes me think of.

“Basically, anything that you do in the Suspense series, clothing-wise, you’re pretty much counting on it getting destroyed.” STORY: ' Glee' Star Heather Morris Pregnant With First Child Shields began the series equipped with the 35mm Hasselblad Xpan 2, a panoramic camera that slowed him down at 1.2 frames-per-second.

It’s a great feeling.” STORY: Emma Roberts to Star in Fox Drama ' Delirium' So how did they pull it off sans Photoshop and stunt doubles?That is very exciting to me -- to be able to push ourselves physically, and to be able to push the mind of the viewer.” As with many of his celebrity shoots, Shields also pushes each subject to try something they don’t normally do.But rather than posing with guns, being tied to empty train tracks or biting piles of hundred dollar bills, only allowed one opportunity to get it right.Viewers might suppose that the suspended shots are captured by continuously firing a camera’s trigger, but Shields never shoots entirely through a move.“You just can’t do it like that ..get these type of ethereal, magical-looking moments, you’re flying into that position and you’ve gotta hold it for a second, but you can’t hold it forever,” says Shields. “I’ll say, ‘Alright, give me a Peter Pan off this.’ That’s our code word for when you’re gonna fly straight ahead in that perfect fairytale-ish kind of way.” Though Shields has a full year ahead -- his feature directorial debut with the Nasser Entertainment and Prospect Park thriller exclusively.

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