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If you’re worried about speaking to the police or if someone’s pressuring you to send a sexual photo, you can talk to a Childline counsellor.Social networks don’t allow naked images of people under 18.This includes photos of children who have turned 18 since the pictures were taken.If you see a naked image of someone under 18, or someone has shared a naked picture of you, this is illegal and there are things that you can do.Sending a sexual text, image or video can be dangerous if shared with the wrong person. When sexting goes badly, it can make you feel ashamed, guilty, embarrassed or anxious.

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But it’s important to remember people can still take screenshots and save them.So it’s important to think about how the other person might react if they know you've taken a screenshot of their message.But remember, you've done nothing wrong in reporting content that upsets you.Facebook won’t tell the person you’re reporting that it was you.They’ll tell you in your Support Inbox if they’ve been able to take the picture down.

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