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But, “likes,” cerebral reward centers dinging—apparently it’s all connected.

The Facebook query might come before or after a question as to whether you have Whats App, or BBM.

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All is pulled from personal experience, though not always or necessarily my own, as I generously borrowed from friends’ true-life tales to create this compendium. Because in this passionate land, it’s a fact that everything only happens and exists in extremes.

Hashed out in its entirety, the anecdotes could fill multi-volume tomes that would read like a lost-in-translation, grown-up (kind of) special edition of all those “Extreme ‘eek! To provide further introductory disclosure, much of this content comes down to broad cultural observation and applies across gender and sexual preference, it does skew hetero-normative and most observations come from the perspective of female (English-speaking) foreigners.

The piece is broken into three installments: The Hunt, The Relationship and The Breakup.

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The old-fashioned ways of dating - trying to catch the eye of someone in a cafe or scouting for potential partners in a bar - can be fun.

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I’ll put it this way: Almost everyone I know in the U. has or has had an online dating profile on one of the big-name dating sites like OK Cupid, Match, etc. No doubt that’s laughably pathetic to the average Argentine. Test the waters by tossing out “likes,” follow up with a Facebook chat, and next thing you know there is a it should be noted, is the sturdy bridge to real-life interaction with a built-in safety net of friends and Fernet.) As a serial Like-r who uses the click to remind friends across hemispheres I’m still alive and kicking (“clicking?

In Argentina, I can’t even think of one person who I know has. ”) it was slightly disconcerting to learn my thumbs-up support of a dude’s pretty picture of the Buenos Aires skyline—a totally innocuous post—could unintentionally be sending signals of deeper desire.

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