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JK took part in the Channel 4 series "The Games" where he finished third.

He recently appeared on "Celebrity Poker", but has since said that he "won't be appearing on any more reality shows as [he has] been on too many".

Morrison-King said King did not like to take medication prescribed to treat his mental health issues and would sometimes speak to himself.

Initially, the arrangement was just for Ross to earn some overtime from his afternoon shift by reading JK's travel reports; but instantly it became clear that the pair had a natural broadcasting rapport as well as great ability to communicate with the audience, and so Ross was relieved of his afternoon duties and elevated to the role of breakfast co-host.

Still, the call worried Morrison-King, since Jason King, 38, was diagnosed with bipolar and personality disorders in 2012.

The two had only communicated through text messages in the past months and she said the call was “out of the blue.” They talked for about 20 minutes about King’s niece, who she said was having trouble adjusting after not seeing him for a while.

The District Attorney’s Office will also conduct its own review of the incident. King’s life had started off as bleak as his death, according to Morrison-King.

The officers, eight- and 20-year veterans, provided King medical aid and called an ambulance. The officers, who were not injured, were placed on paid administrative leave, according to a statement Friday night by CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow . He had lived in and out of foster homes from the time he entered grade school until he was 15, when he went to live with his grandmother and aunt, Morrison-King said.

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