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How can it be that we are allowing Sharia law practices into our culture, which is something totally antithetical to our fundamental core beliefs?

Again, we bow down before the false god of multiculturalism, which has now become a cancerous premise and has enabled values which conflict with the basics of freedom to be made superior. Yes, Western civilization is superior, and there’s nothing for which we should be ashamed.

And over time we have allowed the invading parasite to fester in its own communities all to our detriment — under the guise of “multiculturalism.” The real question is, what shall we do in response? First of all we need to acknowledge this Islamist enemy — our own White House referred to this attack as “violence.” Only after French President Hollande stated it was a terrorist attack, did the White House refer to it as the same.

However, President Obama just cannot bring himself to say Islamist, jihadist, Islamic terrorism — nothing.

Are we now accepting crucifixions of Christians and the massacre of children at a school in Pakistan?

It is time we say we reserve the right to criticize and editorialize against those we wish.

We cannot cower in fear because of a cartoon caricature of a 7th century figure.

Proselytization that advances concepts contrary to that of a Constitutional Republic is not free speech, it is sedition.

I was criticized by stating that imams, clerics, and mullahs residing in this country who are found to be preaching jihad should be removed from this country. Because they are fomenting the type of action that occurred in Paris.

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