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Paul Daniels’ widow denied they were having a “love affair” as their close bond continues to raise eyebrows on the BBC series.

Inside was a single room complete with furniture, clothing, personal and household objects, and sound.

Cube Entertainment has spoken out about the issue and denied all claims.

They stated that the pictures were fabricated and the perpetrator will be sued for the photoshopped picture, even submitting the original photo, also pictured above, to prove their claim.

Lovell’s first installations, in a 19th-century slave-trader’s mansion in Italy, in an abandoned 1930s row house in Houston, Texas, and in the former barracks of a 16th-century Spanish fort in Havana, Cuba, recognized and utilized the ambiance of the existing historical spaces.

Lovell began by making marks on the walls and progressively worked his way out into three-dimensional, theatrical space.

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    The series was canceled by Showtime on November 30, 2016, after four seasons.