Chris evans and evan rachel wood dating

Wood and her brothers were actively involved in Theatre in the Park while growing up, including an appearance by her in the 1987 production of A Christmas Carol when she was just a few months old.Subsequently, she played the Ghost of Christmas Past in several productions at the theater, and she later starred as Helen Keller alongside her mother (who played Annie Sullivan) in a production of The Miracle Worker, under her father`s direction.Evans breathing/whispering/smoldering in Rachel Wood's chiseled cheekbone/ear region.Then, there's a second shot of the stars looking like they're thinking very dirty thoughts (that has us wonder just where Evans' hand is).

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I don’t want to sound pompous, but it was really hard to play dumb and ditsy.” Evan Rachel Wood, Woody Allen’s Latest Muse Figuring out the Woodman.

After a brief reconciliation, it looks like 21-year-old Evan Rachel Wood and her 39-year-old boyfriend rocker Marilyn Manson are finally splitsville. She’s a Jewish mother, so I was raised by a Jewish southern mother. I’m playing the vampire Queen of Louisiana who is 400 years old and gay.

But on the big screen, Wood plays a teen married to a man old enough to be her father (Larry David) in , the latest comedy from Woody Allen. I think people should be able to fall in love with whoever they want.” See photos of the latest celebrity breakups and hookups Her momma doesn’t agree. I definitely went through the ringer.” Her guy support group. I’ve always been a tomboy, and I don’t have many girlfriends. Every time I say ‘hi’ to somebody at a party or something and somebody snaps a photo, we immediately look at each other and go, ‘You know we’re the new hot couple now, right? His favorite takes were when we messed up.” The title of Woody’s film works for her. But Julie is putting together something incredible.

, a searing drama being directed by Carlos Sanchez and Jason Sanchez.

Luc Dery and Kim Mc Craw are producing the indie, which is in preproduction for a shoot later in November in Montreal. The script is a two-hander that centers on a troubled 30-year-old woman (Wood) who becomes obsessed with a teen, manipulating her to run away to live with her.

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