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I counted quite a few famous industrialists and a smattering of celebs that evening, all of whom he schmoozed with a ruthlessness I had never witnessed.It must have cost a fortune, but in his mind everything was an investment, and this case the return was worth it. While men desire women who look like Meg Ryan, recent studies confirm that women are attracted to men who look as if they have wealth, or the ability to acquire it. His house had one of those home cinema screens and a wall of DVDs.I was sick of being asked what I wanted to do, of being the one who made all the decisions. Like the alpha male in a wolf pack who walks with head and tail erect, Mr Rich would enter a room with such confidence your heart skipped a beat.He was your typical triple A personality - acquisitive, aggressive and accumulative, and having amassed a fortune he decided he wanted to own me.

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Well, we did arrive at a rather posh hotel, only it turned out my date owned it, along with about 200 others.Wealthy singles are used to have a narrow circle of friends.They like spending time at the places that other people can’t afford.The best thing about using Cupid is that we help our members to find what they’re looking for. With our large database it’s easy to connect with rich singles or singles of different financial status. Only at Cupid you can connect with singles from all 50 states of the USA and other European countries.

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    Thankfully, she has the support of her family, including her son Taylor Astin, 33, who helps her with any everyday activities that she struggles with.

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    "He calls from a telephone box on a street corner in broad daylight. The most common fantasy, though, is probably still black stockings and enormous breasts." In the last five years, the couple have moved out of rented accommodation into a luxury house.