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He looked at me suspiciously with his handsome eyes. "I-I only meant to put away this package my mom sent." Hunter didn't say anything, but only watched me as I blabbered on. For some reason, it turned me on that this quiet boy, naked, was talking to me without embarrassment. I knelt down, and instantly took to rubbing his dick head. He stood up and pulled me into an everlasting kiss, which ended as the bell rang. This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved.

"I, well, don't suppose I should be here, because, you know, I have to eat, and I need to put this package away," I said, gesturing to the parcel again. I gently threw my package under my bed, and was about to head out with a crimson face, when I felt a strong but gentle hand on my shoulder. He watched me quietly, and suddenly I felt a challenge to make him moan. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

It stood almost straight up, and I couldn't believe how erected it was.

Not even watching young, naked girls on the computer made me this erect. After, what it seemed like two minutes, I heard a creak down the hall.

As he grabbed his balls, I almost let out a loud gasp.

Since I couldn't stand it anymore, I unzipped my trousers, and pulled out my dick.

He didn't say anything, but just kept staring at me. I turned around, head turned down, until I realized I was looking at his limp dick. I rubbed my hand down his shaft, just like I watched him do.

I suddenly felt the same pushing feeling against my trousers. I started to jerk slowly, and I saw his eyes flick from me to the dick.

Hunter gasped, and started to grab at the bed sheets. He reached his hand on my head, and softly pushed my head lower down. I then proceeded to fit them in my mouth and suck them. I looked regretfully at the dick, wanting to have my mouth on it again. He pressed his legs together, making his balls rub together. "Thanks." His balls, pressed together, were getting me so hard. As soon as he did so, I let out a stream of white milky cum. He took the cum that had dripped out, and spread it on his dick. During my second marking period, I had gotten a care package from my mother consisting of Oreos and other goodies.During lunch, when all the other boys were eating, I carried the parcel upstairs to my dormitory, before I stuffed my face with the cafeteria pizza.Get full access to all her crazy interracial sex movies right now!Keep up with this story and more The show's brilliance is found in these small fragments of life, where the most relatable pitfalls and hilarities of the millennial love experience are so spot-on, they're uncanny.

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