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The segment, which was featured on Nathan Turvey's radio show over the weekend, asked listeners to guess a news story from a series of four related songs.

Worthington claimed the doctor didn’t have his wife’s consent.

Joan Branton, the psychologist who helped Erwin change his life.

Even though those choices were limited in prison, there were still plenty to be made.'Her manner gave me the impression that she was kind and considerate – everything I and the hard prison environment were not,' said Erwin When I told her I was in the so-called ‘engineering fabrication’ workshop, where I spent four hours a day filing down bits of metal and filling little boxes with the filings for, as far as I could tell, no discernible reason, she shook her head in mock puzzlement.

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    She also guest starred on NCIS: Los Angeles as Kristin Donnelly in the episode "Past Lives".