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As the German Army retreated both on the Eastern and Western fronts, the effort to exterminate as many Jews as possible continued unabated.

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German homosexuals willing to accept therapy and rehabilitation would certainly have been spared, as would have the masses of Poles and Russians had they acquiesced to Aryan conquest of their lands. Spiritual War At no point were the religious texts, objects, edifices or spiritual leaders of other populations targeted as were those of the Jews.As an acute danger threatened the German people from Jewry alone, the law aims primarily at the prevention of further mixing of blood with the Jews." The government-sponsored pogroms in November 1938 did not include Polish nationals or businesses or Catholic churches.Mass Jewish emigration was Germany's goal at that point.This unique aspect of Nazi Germany's war on the Jews was expressed eloquently in the Agudath Israel's underground newspaper in the Warsaw ghetto: "Amalek (an Edomite people who attacked the Jews immediately upon their Exodus from Egypt) is concerned not so much with the Jews as with Judaism: the Jewish outlook, the Jewish worldview, the Jewish sense of honesty, the Jewish sense of justice, the Jewish attitude toward the indigent and the deprived…All of these are diametrically opposed to Amalekism…

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